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Source Code

Source Code (2011)

Directed by Duncan Jones,

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan


This is Duncan Jones’ second feature film, after the very good Moon (2009), and centres mainly around one character again. That being Jake Gyllenhaal’s Colter Stevens. He is on a train with no idea why he is there, all of a sudden there is an explosion and the train blows up. He wakes up in pod, the source code, with someone talking to him. Colter’s job is to find out what happened on the train to stop future events.

Jake Gyllenhaal’ character grows throughout the film from a nervous scared person to having confidence and knowing what he wants by the end. As an actor Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely getting better and better with each film and seems to play different roles with ease.

Michelle Monaghan is going to get an honourable mention for her role. She didn’t have to do much but she is, once again, looking very good in a film and will happily watch anything with her in.

The film as a whole is a great concept of bending the time line within a film and even though you are watching some of the same footage over and over it does not get boring. I wish i had seen this in the cinema on the big screen, however i don’t think anything was lost on a smaller screen as the Blu-ray was so crystal clear it looked amazing.

I would recommend this film to everyone although there might be some of you that might feel a little confused by the end.


Film Fact

Scott Bakula is the voice of Colter’s father. The phone conversation starts with him saying “Oh Boy” which was his trademark line from Quantum Leap, where he played Sam Beckett who was trapped in time trying to put things right that once went wrong. This has a similar plot to this film.



Superman has lost his pants!

We all saw the picture that was released recently with Henry Cavill in the Superman suit breaking through what looked like a vault.

Well now some pictures have surfaced online from the set of Zach Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel of Cavill in full shot showing he does not have any red pants on the outside of his suit.

What do we think of the new suit?

'Man Of Steel' movie set

(on set picture borrowed from

Your Highness


A comedy that mocks medieval times as much as it can by using dick and fart jokes. From the same director as Pineapple Express, David Gordon Green has made another stupid yet fun and weird film again. The reason the film is likeable is because it doesn’t take itself seriously at all and nor do the actors. You have an Oscar winner in the beautiful Natalie Portman and Mr, i seem to be in everything and everywhere right now, James Franco along with Danny McBride who all seem to be just having a lot of fun and messing around. (if you watch the gag reel you will see what i mean)

Story-wise there isn’t much to go on. Two royal brothers go on a quest to rescue a fair maiden so that James Franco’s character can marry her. But to do so they must defeat the evil wizard Leezar. You do have some laugh out loud moments but really it’s just some well-known actors acting as dumb as they can, having fun and not really caring.

The film is all about fun and possibly set up for a sequel. If you are a fan of boobs, swearing, sword fights, arse kicking, good looking women and very stupid humour then I would watch this. (If you’re not doing anything else)


Notible reference to Zooey Deschanel for her very stupid yet sexy performance.


Film Fact

Director David Gordon Green said there was never a script used on-set. Only the plot outline and written notes were used and the dialogue is heavily improvised.



The Inbetweeners



You get what you expect with this film version of the popular T.V show, the same sort of crude and embarrassing situations just on a grander scale.

The premise of the story is the 4 boys decide to go on a lads holiday to celebrate finishing school which involves a lot of drinking, being sick, partying and typical Jay coming out with the most horrible lines.

There isn’t too much to say about the film apart from it is just like a feature length episode of the television show and it hasn’t lost any of the humour. Some bits were very crude and disgusting but that is what makes it so funny. I don’t want to give anything away for people that haven’t seen the film yet but it does have a typical Hollywood ending to close off the series which sort of works.

Anyone who is a fan of The Inbeweeners should go and see this film as you will be laughing out loud all the way through.


Film Fact

Anthony Head, who plays Will’s dad in this film, is the real life father of Emily Head, who played Carli throughout the TV series and the film.




Cowboys and Aliens



So we have Cowboys. We have Aliens. Of course its Cowboys and Aliens and it does exactly what it says on the tin. You have classic Cowboys in a small village doing everyday normal cowboy stuff. Then aliens turn up, steal some of the locals and we have a full on battle between the two.

 It is a classic play on the Cowboys and Indians going up against each other like we have seen in many films before however instead of the Indians you get aliens. But then of course you do, it’s John Favreau.

 I think everyone knows who John Favreau is. “He’s the guy that directed Ironman” “Wasn’t he in it too?” “Wasn’t he the cage fighter in friends who dated Monica?”” He was so money in Swingers!”

 John Favrou as we have seen in the two Ironman films loves his boys toys and high octane action and this is what you get with Cowboys and Aliens. Guns, (classic and alien) horse chases, explosions and aliens. It’s like being a child again and playing some sort of pretend fantasy game with your friends where Han Solo and James Bond have come together to fight aliens.


A quick mention to Sam Rockwell’s supporting character that doesn’t have much screen time but is great every time he is on screen. Nothing more on that, i just like Sam Rockwell as an actor.


Film Fact

 John Favreau has left the Ironman franchise and will not be directing the third in the series. However, rumours are that he will be co-writing the film with director Shane Black who directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which also starred Robert Downey Jr.