The Farrelly Brothers are back with their first feature film since 2005’s The Ringer which to be fair came and went without anyone noticing and this will probably do the same.


Hall Pass tries to be funny with the premise that two mid 40 year old married men, who are obsessed with sex and women, get a Hall Pass from their wives allowing them a week off from marriage. However the laughs aren’t really there and Owen Wilson is looking older and older each day. Stephen Merchants plays Gary, the strange friend, and was the silver lining to the film as he had that Farrelly film feel to his character.


I can’t deny that there were some funny bits but these are out-weighed by the bits that were trying to be funny and Hall Pass could of been better had it been a bit stranger.


The problem the Farrelly Brothers have is that they will find it very hard to re-live the quirky and out-right ridiculous humour that was Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary.