I remember when the first trailer for Super 8 was released. It was dark, there was a train racing along the tracks and then it collided with a car. In the destruction of the train wreck something large was trying to smash its way out of one of the carriages that had a government symbol on. J.J Abrams and Spielberg’s names are shown and you are immediately draw into another possible Cloverfield-esk style film. It looked great and exciting.

A couple of months passed and new trailers started to come out. Little kids running around, relationships, parents….. Where had the excitement gone? Where is the monster, where is the terror?

Thankfully a final trailer was released which incorporated everything, the friendship, the terror. It was starting to look like a film of the 80’s era along the lines of E.T and The Goonies.

The film itself is a typical small American town coming together taking on a monster that has appeared due to an American government mishap. The main underlying themes are to do with relationships problems between two parents and their children, all while this monster is on the loose destroying the town.

If you were a fan of those 80’s style films i would recommend going to see this at the cinema. I saw it in the IMAX and it looked and sounded fantastic.

Speilberg is back to his E.T best and J.J Abrams still does not disappoint in the film business.