So everyone knows the story of Planet of the Apes. Astronauts land on a planet, they are captured by monkeys, finds out they are on earth, God damn you all to hell! …. (Sorry for the spoiler) But how did this happen?

Based in the present day a scientist called Will Rodman, played by James Franco, is trying to find a cure for his sick dad by testing on Apes. As you can imagine things end up going a bit wrong and Will has to take a new born Ape, called Caesar, home.

The film is mainly a man and a monkey buddy movie until the last third of the film which is like one long extended battle scene between Apes and the world. The film looks at the relationships between James Franco’s character and his father, an outcast in Caesar and the thugary of other humans and the other monkeys. The film makes you take the side of Caesar as you feel sorry for him even though you know how it is going to end.

The film as a whole is a good watch even though you already know how it ends and it was nice to see how the Planet of the Apes came about. It shows that in the end there is not much difference between Ape and man and we are all greedy for power.

The CGI was fantastic and during the film it doesn’t even cross your mind that all the monkeys and Apes aren’t real. Also loved the little easter eggs that popped up throughout the film in relation to Planet of the Apes. My only issue i had is that the trailer shows so much of the film it basically tells the story of the whole film

Post Credit scene

After the initial parts of the credits there is an extra scene so don’t get up out of your seat straight away.

Film Fact

James Franco will be staring in another film prequel ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ in 2013 which is currently filming.