Source Code (2011)

Directed by Duncan Jones,

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan


This is Duncan Jones’ second feature film, after the very good Moon (2009), and centres mainly around one character again. That being Jake Gyllenhaal’s Colter Stevens. He is on a train with no idea why he is there, all of a sudden there is an explosion and the train blows up. He wakes up in pod, the source code, with someone talking to him. Colter’s job is to find out what happened on the train to stop future events.

Jake Gyllenhaal’ character grows throughout the film from a nervous scared person to having confidence and knowing what he wants by the end. As an actor Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely getting better and better with each film and seems to play different roles with ease.

Michelle Monaghan is going to get an honourable mention for her role. She didn’t have to do much but she is, once again, looking very good in a film and will happily watch anything with her in.

The film as a whole is a great concept of bending the time line within a film and even though you are watching some of the same footage over and over it does not get boring. I wish i had seen this in the cinema on the big screen, however i don’t think anything was lost on a smaller screen as the Blu-ray was so crystal clear it looked amazing.

I would recommend this film to everyone although there might be some of you that might feel a little confused by the end.


Film Fact

Scott Bakula is the voice of Colter’s father. The phone conversation starts with him saying “Oh Boy” which was his trademark line from Quantum Leap, where he played Sam Beckett who was trapped in time trying to put things right that once went wrong. This has a similar plot to this film.