Monsters (2010)

Directed by Gareth Edwards

Starring Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able



With a title of Monsters you expect action, adventure, scary moments and monsters themselves. What you get from this is a fantastically shot film with wonderful landscapes intertwined with a story of two people trying to get across an infected zone back to America.

A photographer, Andrew Kaulder, is tasked with getting his bosses daughter, Samantha Wynden, back to America to her fiancé by going across the infected zone in Mexico. This infected zone is inhabited by aliens or as the title says Monsters since a space shuttle crashed there 6 years previously. The film follows the relationship that the two main characters strike up while trying to get home along with the fantastic locations that the film is shot in.

The lack of action, blood and guts for a monster film as compared to recent big budget monster films does not matter one bit and in a way makes this film so much better because you are not being brainwashed with needless and usually rubbish CGI.

If you’re expecting a big budget monster film then this is not the film for you. If you want to see a journey through some fantastic landscapes and see some excellent camera work then this is the film. It does not fall in to the trap of being a big budget Sci-fi film and is very well put together  as a monster indie film that does not concentrate on the aliens.


Film Fact

Gareth Edwards didn’t just direct the film he also claims the Writing, Cinematography, Production Design and Visual Effects credits heightening the indie status of the film.