Red State (2011) 

Directed by Kevin Smith

Starring John Goodman, Mellissa Leo and Michael Parks




Straight away with this film you can tell that it is directed, written and edited by Kevin Smith himself. The opening scene is very much in the mould of Clerks is the style of acting and camera shot. The film does seem quite confusing and relies heavily on the script.

The film is about 3 young college friends who find a lady on the internet to go and have sex with. Things take a turn for the worse and they end up drugged and waking up in a church with some religious nuts wanting to rid the world of people like them. From there it goes a bit here and there.

Michael Parks and John Goodman have some very long solo speeches/conversations in the film that seem to go on that bit too long. It’s not that i didn’t enjoy the film but i did find myself being slightly bored in places and it’s as if Mr Smith was trying a bit too hard. He should stick with comedy films and bring us another Clerks or Mallrats that combine real life and relationships with humour.

If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith this film is different to anything else he has done so just prepare yourself for less laughs however i would say it is worth a watch, although maybe not at the cinema.


Film Fact

The film was shot in sequence and Kevin Smith edited each days shooting on the same day. He was able to show the crew a rough cut just two days after they had wrapped up all the filming.