Real Steel (2011)

Directed by Shawn Levy

Starring Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo


In a future where robots have taken over from humans in boxing, Hugh Jackman plays an ex-boxer who lives each day trying to make money from robot fighting to pay off his debts. His life gets a little bit more complicated when his son enters his life after the mother dies and he has to look after him for a couple of months. The son, played by Dakota Goyo, is a massive robot fighting fan and starts to get involved in his father’s work leading to a continually growing father/son relationship.

The special effects of the robots are spectacular and easily look real and are far superior than the robots in the three Transformers films. The film is not just about the robot fighting, it highlights the relationships between Jackman and Lilly and Jackman and Goyo which make for some very soppy scenes.

On a whole the film was very enjoyable and looked fantastic. The fights were very well done and made you root for Jackman and Goyo’s robot. There was a lot of product placement throughout the whole film and with the film based in 2020, during some of the fights you could see advertising for Xbox720.

I would recommend this film for everyone, with the robot action and the story of the underdog building relationships makes for a very enjoyable film.



Film Fact

Much of the robot boxing fights were motion-captured using professional boxers, supervised by Sugar Ray Leonard.