Directed by James Watkins

Starring Kelly Reilly, Michael Fassbender and Thomas Turgoose

Planning to propose to his girlfriend, Steve (Michael Fassbender) takes his girlfriend Jenny (Kelly Reilly) to a picturesque flooded quarry for a romantic weekend away. What starts as quiet enjoyment of the beauty spot swiftly escalates into a nightmarish weekend as group of malevolent teens terrorise and abuse the couple.

EdenLakehad me glued to the screen from the beginning and was relentless until the final frame. A hard-edged psychological horror,EdenLakeis visceral and engaging. A clever opening montage left me waiting for the moment the steady pace accelerated into a frantic battle between the literal hunters and hunted.EdenLakeisn’t the typical horror-in-the-woods film, unsettling and unnerving through clever twists on moments that we have all faced, playing them out in a terrifyingly realistic way. This is not a date film. This is a film that lingers in your mind long after it’s finished and asks you, in that same situation, how would you react?

Film fact

Jack O’Connell (Brett) and Thomas Turgoose (Cooper) worked together on earlier Brit-flick This Is England in 2006.