Chronicle (2012)

Directed by Josh Trank

Starring Dane Dehaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan



At a warehouse rave three school friend discover a hole in the middle of the forest. They decide to check it out and come back out having gained super powers. The story plays out with them discovering more and more powers that they can achieve as there powers get stronger. The three main characters all have different personalities, the cool guy, the class president and the loser, who in normal life probably wouldn’t be friends. Their status at school ends up deciding what role they take on in the superhero universe and what to do with their powers.

Most of the film is shot from the perspective of the loser, Andrew. He seems to have the most control over his powers and has a camcorder with him at all times to document events. If you have seen the trailers for the film you will know that Andrew goes rogue and becomes the so called villain. He anger that he possesses comes from being bullied both at home and school. He finally can’t take it anymore and snaps causing the film to take a different direction and go slightly dark.

I wouldn’t say the film blew me away but it was enjoyable. The problem was that the film wasn’t a found footage film; it was a film where all the footage was filmed from an in camera perspective. When they didn’t have a camcorder with them the footage was shown by CCTV or someone else’s camera and it just seemed a bit coincidental that there was something or someone else there to film them.

However this was enjoyable and I would recommend it to fans of superhero films. Just don’t expect any spandex or cool outfits.


Film Fact


The film does have a student feel to it. This could be down to this being Director Josh Trank’s first feature film and him being aged only 26.