Man on a Ledge (2012)

Directed by Asger Leth

Starring Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks and Jamie Bell


Sam Worthington plays an ex-con who is a man on a ledge trying to prove that he is an innocent man while trying to be talked out of it by police psychologist Elizabeth Banks. However at the same time a robbery of a diamond is taking place.

The film mostly takes place on this ledge where Sam Worthington is threatening to jump from while flicking between his back story and the diamond heist that is happening. The trailer to the film does give you quite a bit of information as to the actual story line but still leaves enough for you to enjoy. Some of the shots on the ledge when he looks over might be a bit worrying for viewers with vertigo, although not as much as if you have seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The film story keeps you going while at the same time not really needing too much thought into it, call it a popcorn flick but with a bit less action.

An honourable mention to Elizabeth Banks and Genesis Rodriguez who both look amazing in the film for the male viewer.

I would recommend this film to anyone who wants an easy to watch thriller. I thoroughly enjoyed it but perhaps it is not needed to see at the cinema though if you want to save the pennies.


Film Fact


Elizabeth Banks can next be seen in film adaptation of the book The Hunger Games playing Effie Trinket. The film is released on 23rd March