Just Go with It (2011)

Directed by Dennis Dugan

Starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker



Adam Sandler plays a man who finds out his finance has cheated on him on his wedding day. Since that point he has been sleeping with lots of women by using the power of his wedding ring and claiming that his wife is evil. Until one day he meets a young blonde woman, played by Brooklyn Decker, who he wants to settle down with. However things aren’t that easy and he has to use his receptionist, played by Jennifer Aniston, and her kids to help him get the girl of his dreams.


This is a typical Adam Sandler film, lots of messing about and Adam Sandler being Adam Sandler. Brooklyn Decker looks amazing in the film. I can’t really say anything else about this film. Its predictable, not that funny and nothing special. Not worth watching apart from when Brooklyn Decker comes out of the sea in her bikini.


Film Fact


Adam Sandler’s fiancée at the beginning of the film who is cheating on him is played by Adam Sandler’s real-life wife.