Bad Lieutenant (2009)

Directed by Werner Herzog

Starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes



A policeman is trying to capture a gang for the murders of five immigrants and will do anything that is necessary to do so while battling his own problems with drugs and gambling.

The film is supposed to be a black comedy however there aren’t they many comedic moments in the film. What is good about this film is the darkness that Nicolas cage brings to the character. He cares for his prostitute girlfriend and ex-cop father but at the same time is willing to take things too far to get the job done; Siding with the bad guys or in one sick scene where he cuts off an old ladies air supply just to get some answers. What seem a bit strange during the film are the weird camera shots next to animals. I can understand that they were to symbolise hallucinations of Cage’s character on drugs however they just seemed a bit out of place, like they were trying to be a bit wacky like a Coen brother’s film.

Honourable mention goes to Eva Mendes for, as usual, looking amazing in a film.

Nicolas Cage performs like he usually does however a bit crazier than normal. The film was enjoyable but not one i would probably watch again.



Film Fact

Nicolas Cage claims that he was never under the influence of anything throughout filming, in contrast to Leaving Las Vegas in which he got genuinely drunk to play an alcoholic.