The Ides of March (2011)

Directed by George Clooney

Starring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling




A presidential candidate is in the middle of a campaign and a member of the campaign staff finds out the inner workings of politics and why everyone only really looks out for themselves.

Mr Clooney wrote, directed and starred in this film which shows the dirty side of politics. He plays the candidate looking to claim the state of Ohio in his bid to be president while Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ryan Gosling play his campaign manager and expert in communication.

Things aren’t as straight forward as them seem as the campaign manager from the rival camp, played by Paul Giamatti, employs some dirty tactics to help his candidate win the state. Things get messy leading to blackmailing from all sides leading to only one winner.

Ryan Gosling, as everything I have previously seen him in, was excellent once again. He always plays his roles very straight but with an edginess to them which makes him this somewhat hard to read character but very cool at the same time.


I do feel that the poster that features the magazine cover with the split face kind of gives you a hint at the main plot to the film. I didn’t think this film would be my bag and I was mainly only watching it because of the actors. However I found the film enjoyable and easy to watch. I’m not sure I would watch it again anytime soon but it was definitely worth a watch.


Film Fact


Leonardo DiCaprio dropped out of the role of Stephen Meyers, later given to Ryan Gosling, but stayed on as executive producer through his company Appian Way