What do you want from a film rental company? Im guessing mainly films. Then look no further


Lovefilm offer everything and more than you could ever want. No more having to pop outside on those rainy days to the local video store. Everything you want is either delivered straight to your door or you can stream content online or on a games console.

I’ve had a Lovefilm account for over 2 years now and haven’t been let down once. From the latest releases to old classics Lovefilm have it all. The prices of brand new DVD’s and Blu-ray films these days are beyond ridiculous and if you missed the chance to see a film at the cinema, rentals are the only way forward.

Lovefilm offer multiple  packages to suit your needs, including the option for games rentals, unlimited films a month, steaming only content and all while offering no late fees all for a great price that best suits you. Create a list of films you want and then tell them what priority you would like to receive them in. It’s that simple.

While I admit I do like to have a special edition box set sitting on my shelf looking pretty and usually ive paid over the odds for it there is no denying the ease and freedom of use that Lovefilm offers.

With Lovefilm every night can be film night!

Why not check it out for yourself @ www.lovefilm.com 

You can also find them on Twitter @LOVEFILM where they are happy to help with any issues or to just generally say “glad you enjoyed the film”