Safe (2012)

Directed by Boaz Yakin

Starring Jason Statham




An ex-cop finds himself down and out and just happens to be in the wrong/right place at the wrong/right time. (This all depends on how you view the film) Waiting for a train ex-cop Statham sees a little girl being followed. He decides to help this girl out of the issue she is in. It turns out she has a very big code in her head that some rival gangs want. It is now his job to protect her.

With Statham being the lead character you get exactly what you expect from him and this film. He is a good, yet bad, guy who kicks the arse of anyone in his way. He is one of these actors that play very similar roles in his films – see Crank and sequel and The Transporter and sequels.

The fight scenes in the film are good fun and very fast however the dialogue and conversations whenever the little girl is talking are slow and dull. She has no personality and doesn’t come across very well on screen. All in all, the story is quite good but the script lets the film down occasionally.

Should you see this? If you are a fan of generic action films and a fan of Statham doing what he does best then yes. A good fun film but does nothing new for the action genre.


Film Fact

Jason Statham can be seen next in The Expendables 2 playing his character from the 1st film Lee Christmas.

Rumours were floating about recently that he might be in line to star in Fast 6 and Fast 7. I would like to see that!