Directed by Peter Lord and Jeff Newitt

Starring (the voices of) Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Salma Hayek, Jeremy Piven

Pirate Captain, a buffoon of a pirate, wants to win the coveted Pirate of the Year award. His repeated failures at pirating leave him the laughing stock of the pirate community before his ineptitude leads him toLondonwith Charles Darwin and a dodo in search of fame and fortune.

I’m an Aardman fan, I’ve enjoyed their films so far and Pirates! doesn’t disappoint. A pastiche of pirate films and quintessentially British in tone, Pirates! is funny, well-paced and immensely enjoyable. The voice casting is spot on – the interplay between the upper class Pirate Captain (Grant) and voice of reason Pirate with a Scarf (Freeman) zips along and the jokes fly, both in the script and the sight gags (Blue Peter badge for one). Then on top of that Pirates! is the first time I have heard a song from Flight of the Conchords in a film in case there was an area that was lacking in humour. I wholeheartedly recommend this film, its good fun and beautifully made. I don’t care how old you are, I defy you to not enjoy this film.

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Wallace and Gromit (Aardman’s signature character. Check out the shorts and the feature – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit for a similar blend of British and slapstick humour), Flushed Away (Aardman’s first foray in to CGI packs the screen with in jokes in a tale of a house rat lost in the sewers)