Red Lights (2012)

Directed by Rodrigo Cortes

Starring Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro and Cillian Murphy



A Psychologist and her assistant study the paranormal but instead of believing in what they see they prove that it is all made up. This all leads them to Robert De Niro’s character Simon Silver, who is a superstar psychic. The investigation brings up some strange occurrences. Is it all real or has he been faking the whole time?

I wasn’t totally sure what this film was about before I saw it. The draw of Robert De Niro and Cillian Murphy is what got me to watch this. Cillian was great in the film with his eagerness to prove that De Niro’s character can’t really be doing any of this stuff really comes across. Nothing will stop him from completing his goal. The film itself is pretty clever and although there are some twists and turns throughout the film, some of which are obvious, others will have you thinking.


Fans of Cillian Murphy, as i am, should see this film. It might not be worth a trip to the cinema but definitely worth a watch if you get the chance.

TheFriedGold rating – 3/5

Film Fact

Toby Jones plays a professor in the film. He seems to be in everything at the moment