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The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy (2012)

Directed by Tony Gilroy

Starring Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton





Jason Bourne wasn’t the only one. There were many more and Aaron Cross is about to realise that the people he thought he could trust are now against him.

The film takes place right after the Bourne Ultimatum while the backlash from Jason Bourne is going through the courts. Aaron Cross is shown as another Bourne-esque agent training and showing the super solider skills that he has gained. The love interest, played by Rachel Weisz, is a doctor who had Aaron Cross as a patient which leads her to get caught up in the whole event of things.

I found the film enjoyable but really expected something a bit more action packed having been a fan of the first 3. Clocking in at just over 2 hours long the film actually goes quite quick but at the same time seems to be lacking that final slap around the face that I expected. Renner as Cross and Weisz as Marta provide excellent strong characters and could easily see this turning into another Bourne series of films. Norton is quite forgettable and pointless however I do usually like him in films.



Fans of the original Bourne films will like how this links in while at the same time probably think this just doesn’t feel like a Bourne film. Worth a cinema trip? Probably not. Worth a watch when it comes out on Bluray/DVD? Yes. Renner is excellent and Weisz is hot.

TheFriedGold rating – 3/5



Film Fact

With lots of links in the film to the original hero, Jason Bourne, could we see the two of them team up in a future Bourne film?




Battleship (2012)

Directed by Peter Berg

Starring Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson, Rihanna


Disappointing tearaway brother Alex Hopper (Kitsch) gets recruited for the US Navy by his Commander brother (Skarsgård) in effort to give him a future. Meanwhile scientists, beaming communications in to space, get a response. Aliens arrive while the Hoppers are taking part in naval war games and only the Hoppers stand in the way of alien domination.


Regular readers may remember this post where I said the trailer made Battleship look like a good bit of summer fun. Having missed it in the cinema, I’ve finally sat down to see if I was right. Following the success of the Transformers films – I use success lightly, the first film was fun but the others were intermittent at best – Hasbro has sought to make a board game in to a similar franchise. What could be an enjoyable romp is overlong, dull and definitely not a good summer blockbuster. The CGI (for a VERY recent film) is shoddy – greenscreen backgrounds are all too frequent and all too noticeable and the acting…Neeson phones it in, Kitsch plays his character from Friday Night Lights (directed by Berg, key difference is FNL is good) and the others are wasted. There is a pointless side story with Kitsch’s love interest that does little aside from detracting from the fight on the water. This, thankfully, is the stronger part of the film, featuring a neat way of tying the film to the game and is only missing the eye-to-eye brinksmanship of sitting at home.


Overall Battleship isn’t the fun summer blockbuster that I hoped it would be. It takes itself too seriously without being believable (Kitsch runs up the deck of a sinking boat even when vertical. I can accept aliens but on Earth this is just not possible) or enjoyable, not enough time is spent on the water blowing things up – surely a staple of a film about a game where you blow things up – and the story is an overlong muddle. I wouldn’t watch it if I was you, there are better blockbusters out there.


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If you like this then this isn’t the site for you. But it did remind me of Doom, with one sequence coming straight from the game, much like one sequence here. Watch Doom if you want to see a film requiring no thought, it has The Rock.



What do you need to know?

Well firstly it’s brought to you by the same guy who wrote and directed In Bruge, Martin McDonagh. And it stars Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Olga Kurylenko, Tom Waits and Abbie Cornish. Starting to sound good. How about the plot. Some crazy guys, who are involved in dog knapping inadvertently kidnap a gangsters Shih Tzu and become entangled in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles.

Now check out the trailer



Seven Psychopaths UK release is TBC



Ted (2012)

Directed by Seth MacFarlane

Starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis




A lonely young boy called John who has no friend’s wishes that he teddy bear was real. The next morning his wish has come true and Ted becomes his best friend for life. Many years later and they are still best friends although the strain of having a teddy bear as a best friend is starting to put some doubts in to John’s and his girlfriend’s Lori’s relationship.

The humour in the film is very typical to an episode of family guy, rude, crude and very stupid not to mention Ted basically being a Teddy bear version of Peter Griffin however there is also a serious nature to the film. It deals with the pressures in a relationship and how a best friend and not growing up can affect your future.

There are some really funny scenes in the film that will have you laughing out loud but at the same time there are some slow scenes that don’t make this an all-out classic comedy. Seth has definitely taken elements from his Family Guy roots such as the fight scene between John and Ted being very reminiscent of Peter and the Chicken fights. One thing you will do throughout the film is play spot the actor to the voice over as almost everyone who voices a character in Family Guy is in this film.



If you are a fan of Family Guy and a fan of some crude and silly humour then yes you should see this film, although at the cinema probably wouldn’t be necessary. I enjoyed it but wasn’t blown away. I can think of many other comedies that would rank higher than this.

TheFriedGold rating – 3/5

Film Hottie

Mila Kunis, as usual, is looking very hot.



Film Fact

The “white trash girl’s names” scene was done in a few takes without having any cue cards for Mark Wahlberg, who wrote down a wide number of female names that sound “white trash”