Ted (2012)

Directed by Seth MacFarlane

Starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis




A lonely young boy called John who has no friend’s wishes that he teddy bear was real. The next morning his wish has come true and Ted becomes his best friend for life. Many years later and they are still best friends although the strain of having a teddy bear as a best friend is starting to put some doubts in to John’s and his girlfriend’s Lori’s relationship.

The humour in the film is very typical to an episode of family guy, rude, crude and very stupid not to mention Ted basically being a Teddy bear version of Peter Griffin however there is also a serious nature to the film. It deals with the pressures in a relationship and how a best friend and not growing up can affect your future.

There are some really funny scenes in the film that will have you laughing out loud but at the same time there are some slow scenes that don’t make this an all-out classic comedy. Seth has definitely taken elements from his Family Guy roots such as the fight scene between John and Ted being very reminiscent of Peter and the Chicken fights. One thing you will do throughout the film is play spot the actor to the voice over as almost everyone who voices a character in Family Guy is in this film.



If you are a fan of Family Guy and a fan of some crude and silly humour then yes you should see this film, although at the cinema probably wouldn’t be necessary. I enjoyed it but wasn’t blown away. I can think of many other comedies that would rank higher than this.

TheFriedGold rating – 3/5

Film Hottie

Mila Kunis, as usual, is looking very hot.



Film Fact

The “white trash girl’s names” scene was done in a few takes without having any cue cards for Mark Wahlberg, who wrote down a wide number of female names that sound “white trash”