Warrior (2011)

Directed by Gavin O’Connor

Starring Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison



Army vet Tommy returns home to his recovering alcoholic father (Nolte), to get trained for an upcoming UFC tournament. Strapped for cash physics teacher Brendon (Edgerton), fighting as a side job to win money, gets suspended and enters the same tournament. However, Tommy and Brendon are estranged brothers.


Two things lead me to Warrior: Tom Hardy and a burgeoning interest in UFC. I take more than two things away from this film. Tom Hardy is continually excellent; the fight scenes in Warrior capture the frenetic brutality of mixed martial arts (MMA); a sports film doesn’t have to rely solely on clichés and I am a sucker for an underdog tale. Saying that, it’s hard to see who you (as the audience) are supposed to be rooting for – each character has flaws and reasons why you are behind them. The final fight I found utterly absorbing and highly emotive, befitting the build up to it. Warrior is a modern day take on the classic fight film and is definitely worth a watch.


The Fried Gold rating: 4/5 – strong leads, great fighting, good script – this is Rocky made in 2012


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