Warm Bodies (2013)

Directed by Jonathan Levine

Starring Nicolas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry and John Malkovich



Dead, no feelings, endless slow walking, grunting. Being a zombie must suck. Until that one day comes where everything changes and things start to make sense once again.


Warm Bodies is definitely not your typical zombie film as it lacks blood, gore and horror. This is another Zom-Rom-Com but nowhere near as good as the original genre creating film of Shaun of the Dead. Warm Bodies focuses heavily from the point of view of R, the zombie played by Nicolas Hoult, as you follow his inner monologue about everything around him. In one zombie attack he meets a girl and he starts to change into something different that he hasn’t felt for a while.

The film is clever and something different to what we have seen before, as in a zombie changing back into a human, but the film itself still lacks the entertaining factor to make it really enjoyable.



With a slow pace and lack of laughs this film wasn’t anything special, a good concept but not for the zombie genre market that this could have been for. This is more of just a Rom-Com which just happens to involve zombies. Not worth seeing at the cinema and for when it is released to rent/buy I would consider this as a girl’s zombie flick. Zombie fans will be disappointed.


TheFriedGold rating – 3/10 – Flows like a traditional walking zombie, slowly


Film Fact

The story is based loosely on “Romeo and Juliet”. With the characters being “R” = “Romeo”; “Julie” = “Juliet; “Perry” = “Paris”; “M/Marcus” = “Mercutio”; “Nora” = Juliet’s “Nurse”