G.I Joe: Retaliation (2013)

Directed by John M. Chu

Starring Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, Adrianne Palicki and Bruce Willis



The president of the United States is not who he says he is and has tried to eliminate all Joes from action so that COBRA can take over the world. Unfortunately for them a few Joes made it out alive and are coming to return the world back to its rightful leaders.


This is a direct sequel to Rise of the Cobra although many of the actors or characters from the first film have not returned. This has not dampened the film though as they have replaced them with a couple of big names, notably Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis.

The film is exactly what you would expect with some big action scenes and lots of bullets being fired. Johnson always adds that bit of humour to film not to mention his cool, yet cheesy, presence on screen and this is no difference. Willis has little screen time but the scenes he does appear in gives us some classic Willis one liners and wit.



This was an enjoyable film that just flew passed when watching. I wouldn’t say it was anything special and you don’t need to see it in the cinema but when it is released to rent/buy I recommend a watch. (This really only applies to men, women probably won’t enjoy)


TheFriedGold rating 5/10The Rock lays the smackdown on COBRA


Film Fact

The film was originally supposed to be release in the summer of 2012 but was put back to add 3D effects. This however turned out to be only part of the truth; some reshoots were done to have Channing Tatum in more scenes as the studio felt it would draw in a larger audience since he became a big hit in the film world.