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Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Directed by James Gunn

Starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel




As a child Peter Quinn is abducted by an alien space ship. 26 years later you might know him under a different name, Star Lord! No? Star Lord, come on. To save the galaxy he must form an alliance with a band of criminals to stop the evil Ronan who is determined to destroy anything in his way.

This is the first Marvel film set away from members of the Avengers and was a bit of a risk to try and make this successful as the audience is now having to become accustom to a group of new characters. But the easy flow of the film and the non-stop action and comedy will keep you thoroughly entertain throughout. The witty one liners from all the characters really keep the film from becoming too serious in those quieter moments while at the same time they don’t distract from the story that is being told.

As the film is based in the far reaches of the galaxy the character of Peter Quill helps keep the audience grounded with his constant stories of Earth and with his mix tape of music which plays throughout the film acting as the films soundtrack. Its a very clever way of making a modern day film have the nostalgic feel of the 70’s and 80’s without being set in that time and works brilliantly. Being a Marvel production the film needs to cater for both children and adults and this film does just that by interlacing funny superhero type characters with some adult based jokes that children wouldn’t get.

The film isn’t entirely about Quinn though. Before the film I was a bit worried about Dave Bautista playing Drax because as a wrestler I have always thought he was a bit wooden but I was pleasantly surprised by his dry performance as Drax and he had some great lines to perform. Bradley Cooper as Rocket and Vin Diesel as Groot both provide voices in the film and if I didn’t know it was them I think I would never have guessed. Other noticeable mentions go to John C. Reilly and Peter Serafinowicz who both add that extra bit of comedy to film but in there own unique way.



As a different direction for the Marvel Universe I was really looking forward to see how it would work and I wasn’t disappointed. Constant action and comedy throughout make this film a great watch and left me wanting to watch it again. Having already announced a sequel it will be very interesting to see where this will go. Surely the Guardians of the Galaxy are going to need some extra help to take out Thanos? I am looking forward to seeing Peter Quill meet Tony Stark.

As with all Marvel films there is a post credit scene at the very end of the credits.


TheFriedGold rating – 8/10 – Shines as bright as a Star…….Lord


Film Fact

Bradley Cooper cited Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci’s character in Goodfellas (1990)) as an influence on Rocket Racoon’s voice.

guardians of the galaxy character posters

The Hangover Part 3

The Hangover Part 3 (2013)

Directed by Todd Phillips

Starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and Ken Jeong





Alan’s behaviour is getting worse by the day and it is decided that the Wolfpack should drive him to a special clinic that will help him get better. However once on the road things do not go according to plan and they end up in another life or death situation.


This third part to the story is different to the others as there is no actual waking up from the night before. The hangover could be seen as trying to get over everything they have been through ever since that night in Las Vegas. The film, which is seen as a final part to the story, sees a lot of cameos from previous cast members with them all ending their own personal hangovers.



The film does have some laugh out loud moments and fans of the previous two films will want to see this. However it does lack that something the 1st two had due to no waking up story line and being more linear like any other film.

It was good fun and I would recommend it to fans of the others.

TheFriedGold rating – 6/10 – Less stupid, more serious


Film Fact

The child actor who plays Tyler/Carlos in the 1st film reprises his role in this one too

Limitless (2011)

Limitless (2011)

Directed by Neil Burger

Starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish and Anna Friel




A down and out writer, played by Bradley Cooper, bumps into his ex-brother in law who introduces him to a new drug that is being made that enhances your brain and will help him get out of this slump he is in. The problems with drugs are the addictiveness and the side effects that they bring on. Coopers life heavily improves once he starts taking the drug and he can do whatever he wants when he is on it. However, after meeting up with his ex-wife he finds out what the side effects do and that he needs to limit his taking of the drug.

The film is heavily based on a one man story and there aren’t many scenes in which Bradley Cooper is not in. The camera work is fantastic while at the same time being quite difficult to watch. When Cooper is on the drug his whole character is lit up and his features, like his eyes, are much more noticeable. The scene’s when he is walking down the street and he doesn’t know how he has got to his final destination are difficult to watch and they play with your own mind, the sped up footage of moving very fast is a bit disconcerting but done very well to make you feel you are in the film itself.

The film is not exactly what i expected however it didn’t stop me from enjoying it and i would recommend this film.


Film Fact

Shia LaBeouf was originally cast as Bradley Coopers character Eddie, but had to drop out after badly injuring his left hand in a car accident in July 2008.