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Attack the Block

Attack the Block (2011)

Directed by Joe Cornish

Starring John Boyega, Jodie Whittaker and Nick Frost



That’s an alien bruv, believe it.

Aliens have come to town; more precisely they have landed in an area of London that is protected by a local gang of youths. Only one thing is going to happen, inner city vs. outer space.

The film follows 5 gang members who mug a lady in the street only to be interrupted by something falling from the sky. It turns out to be an alien which the gang members chase down and kill. Feeling good about themselves and thinking that can make some money from this they show off around their block. The only problem is a lot more aliens then land and the fight is on.

The film mixes gang stereotyping with fantastic humour along with action and some jumps along the way. The edition of Nick Frost as a chilled out drug dealer is great as he adds that bit of humanity and humour as well as being a well-known actor from other British made films. The aliens are cleverly made for the film being totally black with some glow in the dark teeth. There is no need to see so much detail on the aliens making these better than most aliens you see on screen.

Directed by Joe Cornish, of the Adam and Joe show fame, Attack the Block is his directorial debut and if this is anything to go by it will be his first of many. He recently worked with Steven Spielberg and Edgar Wright, who also worked on Attack the Block, on the screenplay for The Adventures of Tintin so he already has friends in high places.

Humour, excitement and a couple of jumps makes this a great film to watch. If you’re a fan of these elements then i would recommend watching this film.



Film Fact

At one stage there were reports that the film would be released with subtitles for the American audience because otherwise they wouldn’t understand what was being said.




A quirky British indie comedy bought to you by Richard Ayoade from The IT Crowd. Based in a town in Wales a boy is challenged by helping keep his parents failing marriage from falling apart and work on his own relationship issues with people, mainly a girl.

The boy’s fascination comes from being popular with everyone and living his life like he is in a film. There are some wonderfully funny dream sequences where the boy dreams of how his life could be and how it should end up. He enters a relationship with a girl and is all set on losing his virginity with her, and has to juggle all this with while trying to fix his parents marriage at the same time.

The camera work in the film is fantastic and really captures the wonderful Welsh landscape. The musical score in the film is also brilliant. Not just the music that is written and performed by Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys, which adds to the indie feel, but also the striking music that plays over the very bright coloured new act titles. It really adds quirkiness to the film by making you feel suspense which wasn’t actually there.

This was Richard Ayoade’s directorial debut in a feature film and if this is anything to go by we are in for some great future films. He defiantly has the quirkiness of The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh still inside his head but also the vision to have the most amazing camera shots to perfectly frame the actors with all the surroundings.

Film Fact

Richard Ayoade is good friends with Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys and has directed 3 of their music videos.