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Prometheus (2012)

Directed by Ridley Scott

Starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron


An invitation to find the possible creators of the human race is found which send a group of scientists on a journey across the galaxy to find their makers. What they find is not exactly what they were after and end up having to fight to save the human race.

Where to start? There are multiple ways to look at this film. It’s a brand new Sci-fi film for a new fan base who is watching it to enjoy the ride. Or it is a prequel/set in the same universe as the original Alien franchise with many questions that get asked. I could see it as both however being a fan of the franchise and having too many similarities I do see it as a prequel of sorts. I don’t like to give away many things in my blogs that is what the comments section is for, so I’m not going to.  I will say a couple of things though. The ship Prometheus, which they are travelling on, has a crew of 17 people. This was totally unnecessary and the audience is given no reason to care for many of these characters, mainly because half of them are given next to no screen time. Also the amount of questions that are asked in the film leaves the viewer confused and wanting answers. One point you can look at that equates to all these questions is one of the films writers is Damon Lindelof, of Lost fame, who maybe thought it would be great to confuse the fan boys. Another way to see it is that this is the start of a 2 part series or even a trilogy. Michael Fassbender as android David was by far the best character and actor in the film.


This is a hard one to say if you should see it. I have spoken with many people about the film and I get different responses from everyone, Film critic hated it, Alien/Aliens fan loved it, Alien/Aliens fan hated it. I think I am stuck in the middle somewhere but not totally sure. I can see both sides but cannot pick one. I left the cinema thinking I wasn’t a fan. I woke up the next morning thinking I liked it more than I thought. The more I talk about it the more I like it. It is defiantly a film I will be going to see for a second time. Should you watch it? After such a mixed response perhaps you should see it just to have your own opinion.

Film Fact

The film was originally to be called “Paradise” in December 2010. This is now being touted as the name for the sequel.


Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Directed by Rupert Sanders

Starring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron

In a dark twist on the classic fairy tale a Huntsman is sent into the woods to capture Snow White so that the evil queen can reign supreme. However things do not go according to plan when the Huntsman instead becomes her protector and joins forces with several dwarves.

I liked the look of this film from the initial trailer. It looked dark, action packed and something a little bit different in the telling of a classic story. I am not Kristen Stewart’s greatest fan, and I am still glad to say I have never watched any of the Twilight film, but in this film she is helped on screen by other good actors in Hemsworth and Theron not to mention some of the awesome dwarves – McShane, Hoskins, Winstone, Frost, Jones, Marson. The film did at times have a feel of Lord of the Rings about it, an archer, little people, a long trek to reach an end goal, a troll, a magical forest while at the same time sticking to the classic Snow White story. The sets, costumes and scenery all looked fantastic and the battle scenes looked great on the big screen.


I wouldn’t say this film is the greatest I’ve ever seen but it is a nice different take on a classic story. Hemsworth does some axe throwing, much like Thor’s hammer, but what makes this film better are the famous dwarves. They have the best lines and add the comedic aspect to break up the seriousness of the film. If you liked the trailer then I would say go and see this film. If you were a bit unsure then you can wait for it to be released.


Film Fact

Viggo Mortensen was in talks to star as the Huntsman, but negotiations fell through and Mortensen dropped out. The Huntsman could be seen as a similar type of character as Mortensen’s Aragorn in LOTR.