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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

Starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie and Robert Redford




Steve Rogers is still trying to get use to the modern world and comes up against someone stronger and faster than him in the Winter Soldier who also links in to his past.

The sequel to The First Avenger sort of feels and acts like an Avengers 1.5 with a heavy SHIELD influence and other superheroes apart from the titular character in the story including Black Widow and new comer Falcon. The film does have an espionage thriller feel to it with the superheroes having to band together to defeat the threat that has come their way which includes the villain the Winter Soldier.

Followers of the comic arc will know who the Winter Soldier is but it does not retract from the story of the film and where we might possibly be heading for Age of Ultron and Captain America 3 however there is another story element that could have massive altercations for these films and the TV show Marvel’s Agents of Shield but I’m not going to spoil that for you.

As with all Marvel films you will want to stay during the credits as there are 2 post-credit scenes, just like with Thor: The Dark World, with one setting up a future Marvel film and the other setting up a possible link to the third in the series.



As a big fan of what Marvel are doing at the moment and where they are heading for future films this one does not let you down. I grinned from start to finish and with some fantastic fight and action scenes with the odd bit of humour thrown in making this film thoroughly enjoyable. As with other Marvel films do keep an eye/ear out for references for possible future films and Avenger character mentions.

TheFriedGold rating – 8/10 – A real Captain’s performance


Film Fact

In one scene, Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow, wears a necklace with an arrow on it which is in  reference to her teammate and occasional lover Clint Barton, Hawkeye.










Captain America’s The Avengers suit

Here is a shot of Chris Evans in his more modern day Captain America suit from the set of the upcoming Avengers film.

To me it looks its come straight out of a comic book but is very likeable and will easily fall in line with the suits warn by Ironman and Thor.

Captain America


So with Captain America comes the final solo slash origin story before the Avengers film is released next year where we will see the title character come together on the big screen to save the world with Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Nick Fury.

Original trailers and footage of the film made it look very dated and that it might not be able to live upto the other Marvel character’s origin films.

Much like all the other Marvel films, in the lead up to next summer’s film, Captain America tells the story of how Steve Rogers became the shield throwing hero and it didn’t disappoint. It showed the goodness in the character and why he will become the leader of the group of superheroes The Avengers. He cares for everyone, never backs down and never leaves a man behind, a born leader.

The film itself flowed along nicely which was helped by the opening and closing scenes and made the film, although the majority of it being set in the 1940’s, fall in line with all the other Marvel films. 

The film had action, excitement, a love interest and a couple of  great comedic moments mainly provided by Tommy Lee Jones, Dominic Cooper and Stanley Tucci. The main villain of Red Skull, played by Hugo Weaving and his German accent, came across as the typical crazy villain wanting to take over the world and Hugo played it as well as he could with the limited screen time he was given.

Possible Spoiler Alert

For anyone seeing this film and being excited about The Avengers next year you will want to sit through all the credits as at the end there is a teaser trailer showing all of the characters in very brief glimpses coming together.

It will be interesting to see how all of these big characters will come together and get on but one thing for sure is that Robert Downey Jnr will have some wise cracking lines and will once again come across as the coolest person in the world!

Film Fact

This was Chris Evans second shot at being a Marvel comic character after previously playing the Flame-on wild child Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four.