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Flight (2013)

Directed by Robert Zemeckis

Starring Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, John Goodman, Kelly Reilly and Nadine Velazquez



After an Airplane suffers a mechanical failure, Captain William ‘Whip’ Whitaker successfully lands the plane with only a few casualties and is suddenly at the centre of hero/villain story where he has to live up to the serious fact that he has problems in his life that need to be dealt with.


This is a serious film with some very strong issues that need to be worked out by Washington while he tries to understand how his life has taken such a fall. Drink and Drugs play a major role in the film and go to show the effects they can have on someone’s life, even if you did just become a hero. His relationships with women, his son and work colleagues differ throughout the film showing his downfall as they try to either help or disown him.

John Goodman adds the comedy to the film playing Washington’s brother and drug dealer and helps him out/makes it worse when he needs it although he isn’t seen much in the film. The actually plane crash is amazing and filmed excellently. It is not a quick flash in the pan crash; it takes you through the whole scenario.

A note that the film does start with full nudity from My Name is Earl Actress Nadine Velazquez who looks stunning.



I enjoyed the film even though it was a lot more serious than I thought it was going to be. Denzel was brilliant and thoroughly deserves his Oscar nomination for Actor in a Leading Role and the crash scene was dealt with brilliantly. The film does clock in at a long 2 hours and 18 mins and tackles some serious issues however I do think people should see this film.

TheFriedGold rating – 7/10 – Denzel reaches for the sky


Film Fact

Denzel Washington’s first Oscar-nominated role in over 10 years. His last Oscar-nominated role was for Training Day.   

Eden Lake (2008)

Directed by James Watkins

Starring Kelly Reilly, Michael Fassbender and Thomas Turgoose

Planning to propose to his girlfriend, Steve (Michael Fassbender) takes his girlfriend Jenny (Kelly Reilly) to a picturesque flooded quarry for a romantic weekend away. What starts as quiet enjoyment of the beauty spot swiftly escalates into a nightmarish weekend as group of malevolent teens terrorise and abuse the couple.

EdenLakehad me glued to the screen from the beginning and was relentless until the final frame. A hard-edged psychological horror,EdenLakeis visceral and engaging. A clever opening montage left me waiting for the moment the steady pace accelerated into a frantic battle between the literal hunters and hunted.EdenLakeisn’t the typical horror-in-the-woods film, unsettling and unnerving through clever twists on moments that we have all faced, playing them out in a terrifyingly realistic way. This is not a date film. This is a film that lingers in your mind long after it’s finished and asks you, in that same situation, how would you react?

Film fact

Jack O’Connell (Brett) and Thomas Turgoose (Cooper) worked together on earlier Brit-flick This Is England in 2006.