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No Strings Attached (2011)

No Strings Attached (2011)

Directed by Ivan Reitman

Starring Natilie Portman and Ashton Kutcher



This is No Strings Attached not Friends with benefits which I’m guessing have more or less the same plot however I have not seen the latter yet. When I do I’m sure the review will end up being the same.

This is a film about a boy and a girl who first met 15 years ago at summer camp. Then as the years go by they keep bumping into each other. When we get to the present day they decide to, as the title suggests, hook up to be sex friends. Night and day they call each other and have sex everywhere and anywhere. Then the obvious happens and they start having feelings for each other and their relationship starts getting awkward.

(Possible spoilers although it’s pretty obvious)

This film does go the obvious way and through everything that happens they end up happily ever after.

Apart from knowing from the beginning what was going to happen there were some good comical moments. Jake Johnson (who can now be seen in TV show New Girl), as best friend Eli, gave a good supporting role and even had his only little romantic story to break up the main plot.

Ashton Kutcher is not the best actor in the world however Natalie Portman, as ever, is quirky and hot.

I would say give the film a watch if you have spare time and not much else to do.

Film Fact

The film was originally called Fuck Buddies but obviously had to change as it would not pass the censors. So it became Friends with Benefits. But that was taken by another film out around the same time with the same title. So third time lucky it was called No Strings Attached.


Your Highness


A comedy that mocks medieval times as much as it can by using dick and fart jokes. From the same director as Pineapple Express, David Gordon Green has made another stupid yet fun and weird film again. The reason the film is likeable is because it doesn’t take itself seriously at all and nor do the actors. You have an Oscar winner in the beautiful Natalie Portman and Mr, i seem to be in everything and everywhere right now, James Franco along with Danny McBride who all seem to be just having a lot of fun and messing around. (if you watch the gag reel you will see what i mean)

Story-wise there isn’t much to go on. Two royal brothers go on a quest to rescue a fair maiden so that James Franco’s character can marry her. But to do so they must defeat the evil wizard Leezar. You do have some laugh out loud moments but really it’s just some well-known actors acting as dumb as they can, having fun and not really caring.

The film is all about fun and possibly set up for a sequel. If you are a fan of boobs, swearing, sword fights, arse kicking, good looking women and very stupid humour then I would watch this. (If you’re not doing anything else)


Notible reference to Zooey Deschanel for her very stupid yet sexy performance.


Film Fact

Director David Gordon Green said there was never a script used on-set. Only the plot outline and written notes were used and the dialogue is heavily improvised.