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Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Directed by Pierre Coffin,  Chris Renaud

Starring Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig and Russell Brand




A master criminal has stolen a top secret research lab so the AVL (Anti Villain League) recruit Gru to help find the culprit because who else would be better than a villain to catch a villain.


The film centres around Gru working as a spy for the AVL while at the same time his relationships with his adopted children and women as potential mother figures.

The film has plenty of laugh out loud moments but these don’t really come from the main character of Gru. The minions make this film so much so that it could have just been about them. It doesn’t matter that they don’t speak in English and you don’t know what they are saying because that sort of makes them even funnier. These little guys are becoming my favourite animated characters of all time. The witty one liners and the singing in the film will get you laughing every single time they are on screen.



The film as a whole wasn’t the best when it came to storyline but the minions made the film very enjoyable and will make you quote bits forever more. Probably not worth a cinema visit but do check this film out when it is released to Buy or rent.


TheFriedGold rating – 6/10 – the minions were the stars



Film Fact

Look out for the minions in their own feature film in 2014 which will take place before they met Gru



Despicable Me (2010)

Despicable Me (2010)

Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud

Starring Steve Carell, Jason Segal and Russell Brand



What’s the best way to be the most notorious villain of all time? Steal something big! When a new villain comes to town and steals a Pyramid, Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, must come up with something bigger to steal. The ultimate plan is to steal the moon and then people will recognise him as a Super villain. As you would expect things do not exactly go to plan.

In this film there is no good guy to battle the bad guy. It is villain against villain. Who can be best at their job. Gru’s plan to be the best villain around stumbles with the introduction of 3 little girls he adopts to assist him in his evil plans. He goes from not caring about anything but being the best bad guy to realising that there is more to life.

The film has a big voice cast of Steve Carell, Jason Segal, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig and Julie Andrews amongst others. All the characters have some funny lines but what really makes the film are the minions. Gru has hundreds of minions who do all his building, planning, testing and babysitting. They do not talk properly they are very small and funny looking and with this give some of the funniest moments of the film.

Young or Old people will enjoy this film of the bad guy getting one over on the other bad guy and everyone will love the minions so much you will want your own one.


Film Fact


The directors actually wrote a language for the gibberish the minions speak throughout the film. They called it “minion-ese”. Each word the minions speak in the film translates into an actual word.