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A trailer for Oz: The Great and Powerful


Would you like to know what made the wizard of Oz so great and powerful? Well here we have the story of a young magician who gets transported to another world and comes across witches and flying monkeys.

I love the way the trailer starts in black and white and then changing to colour and going full screen once he has been transported giving the viewer that sense of familiarity with the story when being compared to The Wizard of Oz.

A couple of things that grab me about this is we have 3 sexy witches in Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz and the film is directed by Sam Raimi.




Oz: The Great and Powerful is out 8th March 2013

Another remake, this time its Evil Dead

So following on from our post about remakes we have another one in the form of the Evil Dead. This was a classic low budget student film made by mates. This remake is produced and written by the same people, Mr Raimi and the legend that is Mr Bruce Campbell. I like the fact that they didn’t want anyone else touching it but did it really NEED to be remade/reimagined/rehashed (whatever you would prefer)

This trailer does look similar to the original but with more money put into it and better effects added to it makes this film look very Hollywood.

I warn you this trailer is pretty gruesome