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By the beard of Zeus, its an Anchorman 2 trailer

Anchorman is one of those films that I can watch over and over and going by this trailer I hope the sequel will be the same.

There is also a new poster to accompany the trailer.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues is due for release in the UK on 20th December 2013


Anchorman 2 trailer has arrived

The legend continues

The sequel that we have all been waiting for, Anchorman 2 is being made and it wasnt even announced that long ago.

So what have we got. Well last week we had a poster and now we have a fantastic teaser trailer. Yes the trailer shows nothing of the film and yes it looks like they have just gone straight in to the original film’s costume department but that doesnt matter. If this trailer is anything to go by then we are in for some fantastic laughs from the news team once again.

Sit back, watch and enjoy



Megamind (2010)

Megamind (2010)

Directed by Tom McGrath

Starring Will Farrell, Jonah Hill, Tina Fey and Brad Pitt



Another animated film where the main character is the bad guy. Megamind and Metroman both travelled to earth at the same time, both ended up at the same school and both wanted to be popular with the special powers they possess. However Metroman was just too good and nice so Megamind decided he had to be the villain of the piece. They became legendary rivals, battling each other over the years with Metroman always just winning, as the superhero always does. Until one day the fight doesn’t go to plan and Megamind is left all by himself. Bored of having no one to battle with it is up to Megamind to fix this.


The film has some very funny moments and quite iconic adaptations of other superhero films such as the home planets destruction and the parents sending their baby off to earth. With a massive A-list cast this film delivers in the alternate way, much like Despicable Me, because it has you viewing things from the villain’s side and rooting for them throughout the film. This is another film that people of all ages will enjoy watching and the animation looks fantastic.


Film Fact


Megamind lands in a prison, where he is raised to be a criminal. This alludes to ‘Superman: Red Son’, a graphic novel which demonstrates what could happen if the infant Superman had crash-landed and was raised in a location other than a Kansas farm (in the story it was the Soviet Union). Both also have similar denouements: the hero retires, goes into hiding and leaves his work in the hands of his former nemesis.